Multiplication Times Tables Drill, Worksheets and Games!


Visit Tilly's Fun Activities Area for examples of educational games designed to help children learn the multiplication times tables.


This time of year many students tackle multiplication times tables. These resources can be of help for parents and teachers alike:


of the trickiest & most basic aspects of arithmetic for children is learning their multiplication times tables. Without knowing the basic facts, performing any higher equations becomes a struggle, but basically memorizing those facts can be a battle in its own right.

First I must report my method for "structured drilling" of multiplication tables using Tilly's Tables Multiplication Flash Cards. They don't start with random drill (that comes later) but with drill that is using the structure of the tables. The tables are also practiced "backwards", which will facilitate the learning of basic division facts.


Tilly's Tables, Multiplication book. First it's a long section that concentrates on the idea of multiplication, & then the last part has lessons to facilitate the same drilling as explained in the video.


Over the years I have hears from lots of individuals who have gotten their kid to learn the tables using this method, but recently I got word from a principal of an English medium school in Canada, that they have already implemented Tilly's Tables multiplication flash cards, drilling method & it is working beautifully with their children!


This card game is also remarkable. Fundamentally, each player is dealt cards face up, players multiply those, & the person with highest product captures all cards in that round.


There is a place for random drill, & you can use flashcards or GAMES. includes a list of fun online multiplication games in the Fun Activities area.

I feel that learning the multiplication tables well is more important than even mastering addition & subtraction facts. Why? Because knowing the tables well facilitates the learning of basic division facts, multidigit multiplication, long division, most fraction math & factoring. Even in algebra you still require to be able to simplify rational expressions & factor polynomials, perhaps even multiply matrices.


Or, they can say it this way: in case you kid does not know the tables, he/she will have a horrible time mastering all those topics. I am not saying children won't learn those topics conceptually -- I mean they will have hard time finishing the issues & exercises quickly, & can in lieu get all "bogged down" by the multiplications.


That is why I feel every teacher/parent ought to put forth a nice hard work for their students to learn the times tables. Spend 1-2 months on it. It can pay off!


That said, there is a BALANCE, as in everything. IF you have already expended a substantial amount of hard work & the kid is not retaining them, don't make the multiplication tables to be the reason why your student hates math. You can back off & try again later. Some give their students a "crutch" -- tables written out -- & finally the kid notices how slow it makes him/her having to check the answers in the table in lieu of knowing them, & decides to memorize them.


Tilly’s Tables unique number image system uses proven visual and auditory memory hooks based on a universally acclaimed technique called “mnemonics” that will help your child learn multiplication facts quickly and be able to recall numbers with ease. The number image system employs Imagination and Association in order to create a tangible image of the multiplication tables in your child's minds eye.


"Imagination and Association" are the key to success.


According to the worlds leading authority on memory and learning; Tony Buzan. The two most important core principles for improving memory are Imagination and Association.


Tilly's Tables can help you and your child to achieve greater success learning and remembering the multiplication times tables with minimum effort, and it is ideally suited to middle primary-school-age children. Invest in your children’s future and watch as they gain a huge boost in confidence with maths! It works and it’s fun! For more information visit our Fun Activities Area.


Independent Review:


We at Kids Book Review love anything that can help children learn and these brand new times table flashcards are just the ticket for skills in numeracy.Read More


Thanks to the Kids Book Review .com


Times tables key to good maths, inspectors say:


Primary schools which fail to teach times tables by heart are condemning children to a lifetime struggling with numbers, inspectors have warned.Read More


Thanks to The Telegraph .com



Endorsed by Teachers and Parents!


What a creative and effective approach to and age old problem of ‘tables’!


Tilly’s Tables offers an activity which can be enjoyed by the whole family, not just the young people trying to learn their multiplication facts.
Tilly’s Tables takes what the teachers are already doing in the classroom and expands what the children already know in a fun, pictorial, engaging representation.
Tilly’s Tables encourages the use of all intelligences and does not limit anyone to a preconceived notion of how smart they are. It stresses real-life learning with mnemonics and all children love to show their successes.


What a great way to celebrate the love of learning, become more self-confident, and prove that they can do it, and be a game at the same time! Tilly’s Tables offers all this, in one little tin!


Jane Yuille, Author, Teacher.
Billanook College



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