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Math three: Know Your Tools

To start with of work comes a black or white board, or paper - something to write on, pencil, compass, protractor, ruler, rubber.
& the book you are using.
Then they also have computer program, animations & activities online, animated lessons & such.
There's workbooks, fun books, work texts, online texts.
Then all the manipulatives, abacus, measuring cups, scales, algebra tiles, & so on.
& then there's games, games, games.

The choices are so numerous it is daunting. What is a teacher to do?

Well, you must start somewhere, probably with the basics, & then add to your "toolbox" little by little as you have opportunity.

There is no need to try 'hog' it all without delay. It is vital to learn how to make use of any tool you might acquire. Quantity won't equal quality. Knowing a few "math tools" inside out is more beneficial than a senseless dashing to find the latest activity to spice up your math lessons.

The book or curriculum. Choosing a math curriculum is often difficult for homeschoolers. Check my curriculum pages for some help. things to keep in mind:
i) Now matter what book you are using, YOU as the teacher have the control. Don't be a slave to the curriculum. You can skip pages, rearrange the order in which to teach the material, supplement it, & so on.

Basic tools
The board and/or paper to write on. Essential. Simple to make use of.

ii) Don't despair if the book you are using doesn't appear to be the ideal choice for your student. You can likely sell it on home school swap boards, & buy some other.
Manipulatives. I one time saw a query asked by a homeschooling parent, on the lines, "What manipulatives must I use & when?" The person was under the impression that manipulatives are a 'must' thing.

Manipulatives are definitely emphasized in these days. They are usually excellent, but they are not the finish aim of math schooling, & there is no need to go wild over them.

Manipulatives are something the student manipulates together with his hands to receive a better grasp of something. But the aim is to learn to do math without them.

Some helpful manipulatives are

Check out also some virtual manipulatives.

A 100-bead basic abacus
something to illustrate hundreds/tens/ones place value. I made my daughter ten-bags by putting marbles in to tiny plastic bags.
some kind of fraction manipulatives. You can make pie models out of cardboard, even.
Often, drawing pics can happen of manipulatives, after the first few grades and on.

Geometry and measuring tools. These are essential, I'd say. For geometry however, dynamic application can these days replace compass and ruler and basically be much better.

The extras
These are, obviously, plenty of to even start listing.

Some game or games are lovely for drilling basic facts. Games are nice for about any topic. Here's that I played with playing cards with my dd; and now they seems to have learned the sums that add to ten. And here's a game that is worth 1000 worksheets. Of work the net is filled with online math games.

I would definitely use some math application if teaching graphing, algebra, or calculus.

If you are prepared to add something new to your toolbox from the net world, try Tilly's Tables Math Fun Activities - a library of math games, lessons, activities, and support materials. Check also my pages listing math games and activities online.


You are the teacher. You show the way - also together with your attitudes, your lifestyle.

Tilly’s Tables unique number image system uses proven visual and auditory memory hooks based on a universally acclaimed technique called “mnemonics” that will help your child learn multiplication facts quickly and be able to recall numbers with ease. The number image system employs Imagination and Association in order to create a tangible image of the multiplication tables in your child's minds eye.


"Imagination and Association" are the key to success.


According to the worlds leading authority on memory and learning; Tony Buzan. The two most important core principles for improving memory are Imagination and Association.


Tilly's Tables can help you and your child to achieve greater success learning and remembering the multiplication times tables with minimum effort, and it is ideally suited to middle primary-school-age children. Invest in your children’s future and watch as they gain a huge boost in confidence with maths! It works and it’s fun! For more information visit our Fun Activities Area.


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Times tables key to good maths, inspectors say:


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What a creative and effective approach to and age old problem of ‘tables’!


Tilly’s Tables offers an activity which can be enjoyed by the whole family, not just the young people trying to learn their multiplication facts.
Tilly’s Tables takes what the teachers are already doing in the classroom and expands what the children already know in a fun, pictorial, engaging representation.
Tilly’s Tables encourages the use of all intelligences and does not limit anyone to a preconceived notion of how smart they are. It stresses real-life learning with mnemonics and all children love to show their successes.


What a great way to celebrate the love of learning, become more self-confident, and prove that they can do it, and be a game at the same time! Tilly’s Tables offers all this, in one little tin!


Jane Yuille, Author, Teacher.
Billanook College



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