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School Fund Raiser Offer

Tilly's Tables Multiplication Flash Cards are delivered in a durable tin  

For details of our special School Fund Raiser offer open to Australian Primary Schools please contact Keith at 123numberfun dot com

Quality Laminated Cards & Durable Tin



Tilly's Tables works and it’s fun!

Each Pack contains 121 Flash Cards from 2 x 2 to 12 x 12



121 Flash Cards from 2x2 to 12 x 12.






Multiplication Times Tables Flash Cards.

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As a busy mum of two, teacher and author, I have been absolutely thrilled with the concept behind Tilly’s Tables. Each cleverly designed card, ensures maximum opportunity for young minds to connect with learning their times tables, which are so vitally important to all children. Tilly’s Tables are high quality with brilliant characters that children instantly connect with. I highly recommend this system to assist your child in this stage of their development.


Sharon Witt: Mum of 2, teacher and author.


Learn the multiplication times tables




Little Tilly Two. Farmer Freda Three Fergus Four the Fisherman Mr Hive Five, the bee keeper Nurse Trixie Six Sally Seven the Sports Star Policeman Ernie Eight Nun Nine Professor One and Robot Zero Stan and Dan the Eleven Gang Mr and Mrs Twelve the Zoo Keepers