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Tilly's Tables Buy Now $24.95

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Tilly's Tables Multiplication Flash Cards are delivered in a durable tin  

7 x 8 Multiplication flash Card - Front and Back Faces
The front of each Flash Card displays the multiplication fact, a short story and corresponding image with the answer and rhyming punch line at the bottom.


The reverse side of each card is designed for revision and shows the equation, punch line memory hook and colour coded array.

121 Flash Cards from 2x2 to 12 x 12.


Tilly's Tables Multiplication Flash Cards - Buy Now
Each Pack contains 121 Flash Cards from 2 x 2 to 12 x 12  

How Tilly's Tables Work.


The picture , short story and punch line  create a memory hook in your child's imagination helping them to remember the answer to each multiplication fact.


This system works great for visual learners because of the pictures and the short story helps auditory learners. Kinaesthetic learners can act out the scene or play games based on the story for each multiplication fact.




Endorsed by Teachers and Parents!


Thank you!


My daughter has been having trouble with her times tables. Last night she had a go at the times 3 and 4 with Tilly’s tables,
she remembered them after a few goes! Thank you for such a fantastic way to remember the tables!
Mnemonics are the only way to learn I believe especially for maths! I will be highly recommending Tilly’s tables to everyone!


Kind regards, Christine and especially Jamiee aged 10 :0)


Dear Jane I would like to thank you and let you know how impressed I am with the Tilly’s Tables cards. Firstly, I ordered them on Thursday and they arrived at my door (in Australia!) on Monday! Secondly, my son who is 10 and has had loads of trouble with maths and times tables is thrilled and enthusiastic about the cards and is already halfway through the 4X. Thanks again from a very happy customer, Kate


I was perusing the Net looking for basic times table help for my daughter, age 10. I came across your link and looked at the demo card you have displayed. I've always had trouble with times tables because I was out of school for the 7s, 8s, and 9s with a childhood illness. I did recover from the measles, but I did not ever recover from the times tables deficit. The reason I'm purchasing is because I now know forever
4 x 9 = dirty tricks, 36 I cannot forget it! Thank you (S Guggenheim)


A groan always goes up, not only from children but parents as well, when 'multiplication tables' are mentioned. Dyslexics always seem to have such problems with them being unable to cope with their abstract nature.


Now a local mother has come up with a fun answer. Through great experience and experiments with her own dyslexic children, she has very professionally produced Tilly’s Tables. These large beautifully illustrated flash cards with twelve different characters who get into all sorts of situations that rhyme with the answer. Do have a look at them if you can. We will have them on show at our meetings. ( Reprinted from UK Dyslexia Association News letter. )



Little Tilly Two. Farmer Freda Three Fergus Four the Fisherman Mr Hive Five, the bee keeper Nurse Trixie Six Sally Seven the Sports Star Policeman Ernie Eight Nun Nine Professor One and Robot Zero Stan and Dan the Eleven Gang
Mr and Mrs Twelve the Zoo Keepers - is for sale (Okmd)

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